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I am a freelance website designer located in Tucson, Arizona. My passion for web design started when I started my first blog years ago. I have had several blogs since then in completely different niches. I blogged about everything from “Mom Life” to “Essential Oils” and even became a book blogger one one point which was amazing. However, my favorite part of the whole blogging process was designing my website. It made me realize where my passion actually was. In website design! 

By learning everything that there was to know about website design and development, I started creating websites and  web design templates for some of my friends who wanted to start a business boutique or become a blogger. I even designed the websites for the dental offices that I worked at.

Not only am I a freelance website designer but I am also a full-time working Mom in the dental field as VP of Operations for a company that owns multiple dental offices.  If I am not learning something new everyday, I am not working hard enough to achieve my goals. 

If you need some guidance or have questions about any of my website design templates please reach out to me and I can help you get started on your new website!

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